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My name is Yolanda and my love of hiking and nature drew me to my first degree in Environmental Policy & Assessment. Now, I hope to inspire others to protect nature by using natural plant based dyed soaps and plastic free lip balms, salves and deodorant. My Refuse Plastic message came from noticing how many of my students drink from plastic water bottles only to drink half a bottle & leave the rest behind in my classroom or on the ground. Thus was born Watershed Botanicals whose namesake is Watershed Park in Olympia, Washington. This park was saved by citizen activists in 1955. As individual consumers we can be activists with every dollar we spend. A watershed moment is a turning point and it is my goal to turn the tide on contamination and reduce our dependence on plastic by increasing awareness and donating 10% of all net profits coming from our plastic free lip balms, deodorants, salves and body butters to The Plastic Pollution Coalition and other organizations that fight plastic pollution. Read More

Dedicated to using healthy, healing ingredients in all of our products

We pledge to never use so called ‘Natural flavors’, fragrance oils or any synthetic materials. This means that whatever product you buy from us, you can rest assured that it is REAL, and made in the fashion of the SLOW movement. This means we get our fabulous colors and scents through a slow infusion process that takes months and delivers a nutrient rich product with earthy colors. The majority of our herbs are grown organically in our gardens!

Dedicated to producing all of our products with a zero waste mindset

Whenever possible our ingredients are purchased in bulk in reusable containers, or in glass containers. Product packaging is simple cardboard, glass and jute string. These practices cost more, but we believe the health of our environment is worth it!

Our foot oil jars come in repurposed essential oil (eo) bottles that we refuse to throw out; thereby, honoring the energy that was used to create the bottles in the first place. Furthermore, the seal is also repurposed from original eo purchases. To close the loop on our waste cycle, we use 100% recycled labels and we encourage customers to return bath salt and foot oil jars for discounts or refills; thereby, keeping waste out of our landfills.

Dedicated to supporting our local economy and sustainable wages

Prioritizing our local economy makes sense as our carbon footprint is reduced when we consume products that are regionally and seasonally made. For example, Cedar Mornings Soap and Café Au Lait Soap, are made with Fair for All coffee roasted by the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. Chocomint Soap is made with Equal Exchange Fairly Traded cocoa powder purchased in bulk refill containers. Fair for All coffee and Fair trade cocoa are more expensive, but exploitation is not sustainable.

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